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This is an idea that I came up with whilst brainstorming for entries to the Folksy Christmas makes competition, ad thought that sharing might be in order. Simple to do and really effective on glitter paper – or fabric if you can find it. Mixing the glitter paper with felt and machine embroidering over the top of it all makes unusual ornaments too.

If you want to find glitter fabric or glue William Gee in Dalston, Hackney have a deal on at the moment – they now sell online which is great, and stock all sorts of things from sewing needles, to books to daylight bulbs for your sewing machine. I have been using them for years especially when I was working at the National Theatre as a buyer, we used to get all our boxes of cottons and bulk buying interlinings etc from them. If you can get a chance to go to the store I’d urge you to do so as its like stepping back 60 years when you enter the shop – the staff on the other hand are helpful and knowledgable. Anyway that’s my plug for the day!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and keep a look out for more – I’m going to post a couple a week!

Any questions feel free to ask or contact me on

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