Back to the Making

So I’ve been running the craft club now since the begining of January and its been going well – the only thing is getting different people to come. Someone said to me that if you offer something for free it is not valued by people, but if they have to pay for it that is a different matter. Isn’t that sad – I have skills that I want to share and yet people are not interested….. however if I charged £30 a pop I’d be laughing.

I think that is indicative of the way of the world. So after the Easter break I am going to start running adult only classes and begin to make a charge.

I’ve really enjoyed the work that I’ve done so far – we’ve made buttons, three different types of fabric flowers, the craftavist jigsaw pieces, and now we are moving onto learning to crotchet. I’ve got my mini balls of wool that are so dinky and a bunch of crotchet hooks so lets see how we get on.



My mouse cross stitch from a drawing by my son! – he’s not dead he’s dancing btw 😉

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