Folksy Competition

So its time to get my butt in gear as the closing date for the Folksy Christmas Comp is rapidly approaching and I still have one half-finished make and possibly two more to do! Ahh guess what I will be doing tomorrow…..

I can’t complain though as it’s so much fun to be able to be making and crafting all day. Having left the hectic world of costume where most things were needed yesterday and for nothing it is bliss to be able to get up plan my day and take a break when I feel like it not when I’m allowed. I have to admit though to staying the PJ’s a couple of times especially with all the ‘wonderful’ weather we have been having recently.

Today was exciting as I received my first lot of Christmas & business cards – the Christmas cards are super nice and printed on the back with a message from me and a link to my shop so all good for business. Here’s a print of the design….

Made by me from left over and scrap fabric with handmade felt birds – I gave this to my Aunt to brighten up her door for the festive season, but there are more on sale in my Folksy shop

This is such a simple method to make a beautiful and individual wreath for your door and I guess I’m gonna have to show you…

All you need is some leftover/scrap fabric and a wire florists wreath


Begin by cutting of any seams, labels or overlocked edges


Cut the fabric into inch wide strips – if you can rip it all the better as it adds a feathering effect.


You then have to cut the strips into 3″ lengths – this doesn’t have to be accurate as a little bit of difference adds to the charm


You’ll need a good few piles and if you can mix up the colours or tones it makes it much more interesting


Begin by threading the first strip round the wire frame


Tie a single knot and pull tight


As you knot more strips onto the wire push the others back as you need to fill the space until you cannot move the knots – otherwise your wreath might look a little bald


Can you see what it is yet??? – this is after one section has been completed. Looking good and you can really see what the finished result is going to be

I’ve added some felt holly with glass beads, felted birds in a contrasting colour and some silver painted orange slices to finish it off

This is a really fun make and can be used again and again – you can even make them just as a decoration for anytime of the year and for a little girl decorated with a few fairies would look fab!

If you don’t want to make one or haven’t got the time you can always commission one from me through my Folksy shop
Debbie Does Design
Right I’m off to do some more crafting….

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