Up up and away!!!

So here we go off into the world of cyber…….

Having worked in the world of design and been self-employed all be it via contract work for the last seventeen years this was a leap that I was well and truely ready for. I have been toying with what to do instead of designing costumes and working in the world of film/tv for the last two years. I’ve tried vintage trading mainly in clothing and loved it but it wasen’t me, I’ve sold Forever Living Products(and still will if you ask me) love them all and use them but full-time it wasen’t me, I’ve made bespoke wedding dresses but one bridezilla too many and that certainly wasen’t me, I went back to designing/making for TV and loved the buzz but really it wasen’t me.

Then I began to make,make what I wanted, what I saw and felt – pull out all those pieces of fabric, buttons and beads that I have been hoarding for years …… waiting for the day when I would know what to do with them. Well now I do. Now I know how to use all the scraps of fabric I couldn’t throw away, buttons I cut off clothing and items I’ve saved from landfill. I am going to make the frivolous, the impulsive, the things that you may not ‘need’ but you will want.

Ninja Boy

Sweet little Ninja boy adapted from a cross stitch design I’ve come up with in a pimped Ikea frame.

I am also wanting to share with you my ideas and how to’s so keep in touch and you might just decide to bring a little homemade craft into your life.
I am regularly contributing and sharing my ideas on an app called GUIDE CENTRAL which is avaliable in the app store so catch some of my how to’s there – totally free – and prehaps you may want to share some too.

So to start I’m going to show you how to ‘PIMP YOUR FRAME’

All you will need to PIMP YOUR FRAME – if you don’t have a glue gun and can’t borrow one then consider buying one they are fantastic for all sorts of crafting.

Start by removing the back from the photo frame and all the glass etc – strip it back to basics!

Place some of your buttons to begin to get an idea of the design you want

Once your glue gun is ready to go put a blob of glue onto the back of your button

and push it into place – carry on building you design

Your design is building and you may have some spidery wisps of glue – don’t owrry these can be removed when the glue is hardened

All done – just leave for the glue to go hard

All done – add your picture, put the back on & off you go!!

Hope you liked the first ‘How To’…… if there is ever any question then please ask……if you want to see more of my owrk then visit my folksy shop….. and if you want more guides then download the app GUIDE CENTRAL

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